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Calibration & Thermography


We have an environmentally controlled calibration facility to calibrate all measuring, controlling, testing & inspection tools and instruments, control valves and safety valves.

  • Torque wrenches
  • Electrical Panel Meters
  • Pressure Gauges and Test Gauges
  • Portable and personal gas monitors
  • Control valves and Safety Valves
  • Tachometers, Anemometers and Barometers
  • Fixed gas instruments on board ocean going vessels, Oil & Gas facilities and Industrial premises.
  • Pneumatic / Electronic Pressure and Temperature Transmitters
  • Portable Electrical Measuring & Testing Instruments


We are continuously improving our service capabilities and product versatilities to enhance our customer satisfaction.

Risk Management has been done nowdays in a best cost-effective way in the case of Electrical and Mechanical Eqipments. We are well trained in the field of Non-Invasive testing of Units while the whole system is in Operation.

It has been observed that before a Electrical fault to occur which can lead to great damages, The system faults can be clearly pin pointed by the identification of Hot Spots. The same is applicable in Mechanical and Piping systems where lack of lubrication, sedementation of unwanted particles, create temperature variations in the System Flow that can be identified by clear reporting in a very cost effective manner. This has been highly effective in the following areas.

  • Electrical Switchgear ( Breakers, Cabling and Panels )
  • Motors & Transformers
  • Pumps, Shafts & Couplings.
  • Control Valves for All applications.
  • Vents and System Cooling arrangements
  • Piping arrangements ( Cooling and transfer )
  • Structural Construction ( Wall, Flooring & Roof Insulations )
  • Roof Leakages & Weather Seals.