Ultrasonic Level Meter LIU-330

・It can measure a wide range of measured matters such as fines (cement, collected dust, etc.), chemicals, ores, water supply and drainage, and snow.
・Less polluted sensor because of non-contact with measured matters, and not affected by chemical changes due to vapor, gas, or chemicals because of its corrosion resisting structure.
・Using high water-proof IP-66 for the converter.


・It equips noise eliminator, and is designed to be high resistance to noise, surge, and thyristor noise. This permits continuously output.
・A self-diagnostic function using upper and lower contacts and many sensors is mounted.
・The output is an analog output of DC4 to 20 mA . The output circuit is isolated. Regarding the display, any desired unit such as %, m, and mm can be set as a value unit. Analog display can also be promoted by bar at the same time. This facilities checks in the work site.
・Loop check simplified by using the test mode
・Easy ZERO SPAN adjustment.
・With the CPU and memory mounted, any adjustment can be made by simple button operation according to the work site.
・The converter can be installed on the wall or installed on a stanchion by using 50a pipe. They can be adapted to any work site by simple installation work and require only simple maintenance.
・Higher-safety explosion-proof model has been improved to measure chemicals, combustible materials, etc.