Temperature Dry Block Calibrator ED-800 (50˚C to 800 ˚C)

Temperature dry block Calibrator are a very common and reliable temperature source in the practice of calibration of temperature sensors, RTDs, thermocouples, transmitters, and so on. Tunix presents a portable high temperature Dry block calibrator with  working range from 800 °C from 50°C. It is best in class product for Calibration of thermometers, temperature sensors, temperature indicators.



  • Calibration under range 50 °C to 800° C
  • Calibration of Thermocouples.
  • High temperature Sensors calibration in Pharma, process Industry.DescriptionModel ED-800 Dry block temperature calibrator is a source calibrator in the thermal calibration process.The key parameters of that product is Accuracy, Stability on different points of temperature. Reaching time.Technical specifications are as follows.
    1. Temperature Range: 50˚C to 800 ˚C.
    2. Thermal stability
      Control accuracy: ± 0.1 ˚C .
    3. Sound: 30 dB
      Power Consumption: single-phase , 1200 Watt
    4. Maximum Current: 5A
    5. Power supply: 100-240 VAC @50-60 Hz.
    6. Time to reach 50° C to 800˚C (30 Minutes).
    7. Stabilization Time/settling time: 10 minutes after set point is achieved
      ± 0.3 ˚C @500 ˚C (calculated after stabilization time of 10 minutes).
    8. Thermal Nonuniformity (Radial):
      ± 0.1°C @ 300˚C (calculated after stabilization time of 10 minutes).
      ± 0.2 ˚C @500 ˚C (calculated after stabilization time of 10 minutes).
    9. Enclosure :Metal(SS) Powder coated.