This monitoring system consists the radar level gauge TA840,cargo temperature and inert gas pressure transmitter I-NODE, intrinsically safe power supply IS-POWER M1, control module CONTROL M1. This system communicates with Multi-monitor SuperDIR series to measure and monitor each cargo level, temperature and pressure. This system is suitable for measurement and control of liquid cargos at crude oil tankers and product/chemical carriers.


  • · TA840 radar level gauge is a stand-alone radar type level transmitter using a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) that can measure the level of liquid cargo without being affected by the temperature and viscosity change of the liquid cargo.
  • · TA840 radar level gauge can be compatible with the cargo temperature (max.3points)and inert gas pressure data by connecting the I-NODE on the same power & communication lines to cargo control room, thus saving wiring.
  • · IS-POWER M1 intrinsically safe power supply provides RS-485 isolator/barrier to meet the intrinsic safety requirements and its outputs is extremely stable, thus ensuring the best performance and longevity of the equipments which are connected.
  • · CONTROL M1 control module is a flexible control unit which provides I/O and network interfaces.
    It comes with a unique feature that brings plug and play capability to all the equipments which are connected.
  • · This system is suitable for retrofitting of existing TA840 radar system as it has the compatibility with old TA840 radar system.